Thank you for stopping by my website. I'm an equine and pet photographer from Edmond, Oklahoma.

My complete obsession with horses started at age 5 when I found a model horse sticking out of a trash can at a neighbors house. Sadly it was missing a leg but my grandfather came to the rescue and carved a new leg for "Prince". Almost 50 years later that horse crazy little girl is still mesmerized by horses and that model horse still has a place of honor on my shelf.

When I'm not working my full time job in the horse industry or at a photo shoot you can find me on the agility field with my Australian Cattle Dog "Abby" or out in the barn with the horses.

I like capturing your pets in their natural environment whether it be playing with their toys, running around your yard or just hanging out on the sofa.

I am available for farm/ranch calls and horse or dog events. Contact me at [email protected] or 405-834-3304